Our students are encouraged at every level to grow in confidence and share their voice and talent with others. Our staff works to help encourage each actor to find a sense of pride in themselves and in their creative work. We know that taking pride in what you do leads to overall excellence and raises the bar for the individual as well as the team. At Crazy Pants Theatre raising the bar and requiring excellence of all of our students and staff creates an environment of learners that thrive at all skill levels and support each other. This understanding of support and teamwork is essential to being a strong performer and member of our community. Being able to work and collaborate with others is is a life skill that all young people should know and feel comfortable doing. This allows them to work together and be creative. Our students are encouraged to think creatively and contribute their ideas and think outside of the box throughout the artistic process. These values are the foundation of who we are and what we do at Crazy Pants Theatre. We look forward to meeting you and having you experience the Crazy Pants Theatre Family.

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Beeton, ON L0G 1A0

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