Benefits of Being on Improv Crew: 


  • Crew members can attend the Improv Workshop for Free (regardless of thier age) if they RSVP in advance and wear their shirt to class. 

  • Crew members can earn volunteer hours for all community events.

  • Crew members are active leaders at CPTC (great experience on resumes & when in need of reference letters for jobs, school, etc)

  • As mentioned you are the face of the company and our elite group...this group is the first group we go to when looking for teaching assistants, special event performers or helpers, special projects, and input in the future of CPTC.

  • more stage time during the year!

  • we will often turn to you for ideas and future planning at CPTC

  • you get to give back to the community

  • You get to have your headshot hanging in the front lobby as part of the Crew.

Improv Crew - by Audition Only

Auditions September 28, 2015


Instructor: Richard Varty (Improv) SJ (Murder Mystery)

Ages: 13 - 18 or by invitation


Improv Crew represents our elite actors that are the face of our amazingly talented Theatre School at public events and performances. The Crew rehearses throughout the year and will perform at various local events as well as being the cast of our Christmas Show and Murder Mystery Dinner Performance. Auditions for Improv Crew will only take place once a year and Crew members must commit to certain dates and training.

Auditions for this year are schedule for September 28. Actors will be notified if they have been accepted the following week. Once accepted into Improv Crew acotrs will be expecte to participate in the following rehearsals and events:



Christmas Performance Rehearsals: 7:30pm to 8:45pm Mondays beginning October 5 to November 30. Performances at The Circle Theatre December (date & Matinee times TBD by theatre).


Murder Mystery Rehearsals: 7:30pm to 9pm January 4, 11, 18, 25, and Thursday Jan 28. Perforamnce Dates: January 29 & 30. Set up and Call time: 4pm


Communtiy Event Rehearsals: 7:30pm to 8:45pm February 22, March 21, April 18, May 16


Other details

  • Audition Date: September 28, 2015

  • Open to ages 13 - 18 or by invitation

  • Crew Members must commit to being in at least one workshop or main stage show in the September 2015 - August 2016 season. 

  • required to attend rehearsals as scheduled

  • Required to be in the Improv Christmas show 

  • Mandatory Community Dates: Honey Festival May 21, Totteham Community Week Event Date to be determined, additional events TBD Before Dec 31.

  • Other visits may be added throughout the year. Please do you best to be in attendance for added dates. We will give as much notice as we can.

  • As part of the Crew uniform Crew members will be required to purchase our school jacket or hoodie once one is chosen. They will also be required to have a pair of sneakers that are or look like canvas Converse All Stars. Any color is acceptable.

  • all Crew members get a crew T-Shirt to wear at events. The first one each year of registration is included all extra shirts must be purchased by the actor. 

  • Yearly cost: $200 (due if accepted. Can be paid in 3 instalments. Cheque or Cash)


If you are interested in auditioning please contact us by email today!