Ages 10 - 18

Laughter, fun, creativity, and colouring outside the lines is what your kids will love about these improv theatre classes.


You will love the boost in confidence and sense of pride they will leave the rehearsal room with.



Instructor: Richard Varty

Monday 6pm - 7pm

Starting September 24 - June 10 [REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED]

Improv is the perfect class for new actors to jump in and try their hand at performing And it is an awesome class for seasoned actors to work on building new skills and thinking creatively. Either way, Improv-Tastic is just right! In this Beginner/Intermediate class actors will be introduced to classic improv terminology and learn the core elements of improvisation theatre: being spontaneous, listening, acceptance, confidence-building, collaborative creativity, teamwork. As you master “Yes And” this class will work on building character, storytelling, and performance.

Public presentations will take place in our studio at least twice during the season.



Full Season Price: $500

Fall Session Only Price: $210

Spring Session Only Price: $323 (Classes start on January 14)



If you would like to use a payment plan, please go ahead and register your child online. Once completed, please bring your post dated cheques to our studio to complete your registration. Full Season Cheques should be dated for the day of registration, then October 18, November 18, December 18, January 18, February 18. Fall Session Cheques must finish by December 5. Spring Session Cheques should be dated for the day of registration, then January 18, February 18, March 18, and April 18. You may choose to pay the full balance in fewer installments, but cheques must be dated monthly until the balance is paid.

If you would like to pay your installments via credit card you must enroll in our AutoPay service. A convenience fee of 3% applies.