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5 reasons young actors should direct.

Have you ever been in rehearsal watching a scene unfold as the director works with characters and thought "I've got a great idea for this scene!"? When you read books do you seen the scene and environment unfolding in your mind creating imagery and action? These are some of the first steps a director takes when taking on a new project. Here are some great reasons why you should give directing a try:

1. You have great ideas! As an actor you are a creative and interactive person. Stepping into the role of director will allow you to put your story ideas into action. Directing is so much more than just telling an actor where to stand on stage. The very first step is choosing the design and concept for your production and making big decisions on what it will look, feel, and sound like.

2. You have a lot to say. Directors see the big picture. For example, if you are directing Cinderella, it is not just a story about a girl that looses her shoe. It has a deeper underlying story that you must decide upon and bring to the stage as you bring the story to life. Where does it take place? Is the family really all that bad or is there more to the story? A director sees there is more to the story and must bring cast and crew on board with their vision.

3. You see the talent in others. As you look around at the actors in your rehearsals you can see their strengths. Putting these strengths to work in your production is a skill every director must sharpen. From the moment an actor walks into their audition and throughout your time with them in rehearsal you need to be able to place them in a role that supports the show's themes and concepts as well as showcasing them by using their best skills.

4. You are a leader. Directors need to be able to help actors reach their best potential. It is an opportunity to raise the bar for both yourself as their leader and for them. Knowing when to push them and help them along in creating their characters is an important role.

5. Sitting in the director chair gives you a new outlook on being an actor and the rehearsal process. Being the leader of the production teaches you an entirely new set of skills that you can put to use when you are an actor. Knowing how to unify the cast, help others find their characters and being able to see the big picture gives you an new view of the relationship between a director and their cast and crew.

Ultimately taking the opportunity to direct is one you should try. As an actor you are already a storyteller, directing takes it to the next level. So next time someone says “do you want to direct” just jump in and say “yes!”.

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